Tipu Munshi, MP

Honorable Minister, Ministry of Commerce


It's a great pleasure to know that Export Competitiveness for Jobs (EC4J) Project is launching MEET BANGLADESH platform in order to promote Bangladesh as a preferred sourcing hub for the four targeted export sectors. I welcome all our trade and investment partners for their valued participation.

As we advance towards consolidating our country as a middle-income economy, Bangladesh has taken great strides in terms of being a reliable and dynamic trading partner in Asia. The entrepreneurial spirit of our business community, astounding workforce and the overall macroeoonomic stability has made Bangladesh an obvious choice for sourcing and investment.

On the face of tight global competition, protectionist turn and tensions, Bangladesh is committed to remain an open and liberal destination for trade and investment in the globalized world. This makes Bangladesh a reliable partner and preferred destination for sourcing manufacturing goods. By showcasing our capabilities in light manufacturing sectors, MEET BANGLADESH platform will create new window of opportunities for trade and investment in the country.

I believe, through this platforrn we will be able to better showcase Made in Bangladesh and capability of manufacturers to the world, while enabling greater interaction with the global partners. In addition to that, it will allow investors to know firsthand the opportunities as well as business benefits of sourcing from Bangladesh.

I wish MEET BANGLADESH platform a huge suacess and that it paves the way for new and brighter future.

Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu

May Bangladesh Live Forever.